New camera

Just a quick note: my new camera has arrived, and I have started playing with it. I got a very simple Olympus dSLR – the E-420 to replace my beloved advanced zoom Olympus SP-550UZ that was severely damaged a year ago. Most of the photos I’m posting so far have been taken with my Olympus SP-550UZ, but the display screen is completely cracked and useless. It is a fantastic camera, with an 18x optical zoom and a wide 28 mm lens, but the cost of fixing the display ($200) was just not worth it to me, considering the price of new cameras. My new dSLR cost $350 CAN and my telephoto lens cost another $100, so it was a worth while upgrade.

I also got a little point-and-shoot Olympus X-560WP that goes underwater, but that thing is going back. It takes really grainy photos, which is a shame, since I really wanted a pocket-size camera for moments when a dSLR is a pain in the butt. I’ll keep an eye on the sales.

Next post, I promise to tell you folks a tad about me. I’m not sure who knows me out there, and who has randomly stumbled upon me, so I’ll take a bit of time in the next few days.


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