Agent Mulder

I have not really had the opportunity to write much this week. Unfortunately, this is not due to me running off on some fantastic adventure. I have been spending a lot of extra time tending to a dying pet. She takes up an extra hour or so of my time every morning, and another hour or so of my time in the evening, on top of the hour or so a day I try to spend playing with the pets. We’ve developed a routine: I try to give her anti-inflammatories and glucosamine for her arthritis twice a day. I end up wearing most of her medication. I also slowly feed her soft foods, since the arthritis has affected her ability to hold food the way she used to. The end is near, and my main goal right now is to give her the best quality of life at this stage of the game. It’s a question of a few days – maybe a week or two.

She eats up my time, but I do not mind. In a few months from now, I’ll smile when I think about this time, and the bond we formed watching the news every night together. When she starts rejecting food, we’ll take her to the vet to help her along. But for now? For now I will pet her behind the ears while she drinks Ensure, and wipe the leftovers off her face so the other animals don’t over-groom her.

There are other posts in the works. I’ve got some posts coming up explaining why I travel, on politics of identity, and getting lost in foreign supermarkets. I have not been purposefully neglecting this site over the last week. I’ll be back. I promise.

Edit: Mulder died the morning after I wrote this post. She ended up passing away in her sleep, and I’m a tad crushed.


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