Help send my traveling monkey to Costa Rica!

Chiquita, my faithful travel monkey, whispers in my ear sweet nothings about Costa Rica. She says that we should go together, since neither one of us has ever visited Central America.

I can decipher the words scuba diving, rain forest, and coffee. I suspect the traveling monkey wants to get away just so she can have unlimited access to bananas for a few weeks, and is using me as an excuse to get away. In either case, the two of us are putting in far too many overtime hours lately, and we could really use a break. She wants to meet other monkeys, and she keeps telling me that my pale cheeks could really do with a touch of sun.

Of course, it could have something to do with the mercury reading -20C in Montreal this week. We’re bloody cold.

Braving the February winds in Montreal together

I spend my spare time planning routes on maps, picking up snippets of Spanish. ¿Dónde está mi cerveza? I’m ready, armed with that one sentence.

Nomadic Matt and Gap Adventures are giving together a super awesome trip to Costa Rica, including airfare, and I’m entering their contest.

If I win, they’d actually have two winners for the price of one! Twice the pimpin’ on Facebook, two times the blogging from abroad, two sets of photos. Talk about a good investment! Think of all the adventures a travel monkey named Chiquita and her diligent human chaperon could have together in Monteverde or San José, cerveza indulgence aside. We promise to be mostly well-behaved, keeping the monkey-business to a bare minimum, at least on her part.

Monkeying around

Actually, Chiquita herself has asked me if she can write part of this entry. This next section is written by her, and I take no responsibility for what she has to say!

Ooooh! Aaaah! Ooooh oooh oooh oooooh aaaaah aaaahhhh aaaaah aaaaah! Costa Rica! Banana! Chiquita! Banana!

There you have it, folks. Chiquita and I threw darts at a map again, and this time it landed on Costa Rica – and we might even be able to get there with your help! She tells me this is the kick in the pants I need to get my scuba diving license, and she’s right. I wouldn’t dare show my face on this trip without being able to take full advantage of the scuba diving and snorkeling Costa Rica has to offer, cause I can feel the call of the sea in my blood.

It has been far too long since I have had the chance to swim with the fishes

Oh, and Nomadic Matt? I’m OK if I come to face to face with one of these big boys. I promise. Even the monkey promises she won’t be afraid.

Tasty tarantula

We’re just that tough.


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