Scuba diving

I’ve taken the plunge – sort of. A little over two years ago, I fell in love. Obsession set in. (Incidentally, about two years ago I actually did fall in love with a person, but he’s not the subject of this post or this blog.)

Madly, head over heals in love. I am immersed by the thought of doing this over and over again. When I close my eyes and escape to my quiet, happy place, I keep coming back here.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea

To bob weightless with the current.

Come float away with me...

I start my scuba PADI accreditation in 2 weeks at Total Diving in Montreal. I don’t know where I’m going next, but one thing will be damn certain: I’ll spend some time in my own little world, exploring.


2 thoughts on “Scuba diving

  1. Nah, I’ll wing it by myself, maybe meet some new people. I know a few folk around here who have valid scuba training, so I guess once I’m good to go, I’ll go with them!

    Course, if you ever make it back to Montreal and learn to dive, we could go together. 🙂

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