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That time I spent Christmas in a hostel…

It’s really not a huge secret. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. To say that the holiday spirit is lost on me is kind of an understatement. I tolerate the holidays, I go through some awkward outsider’s version of the motions, but I don’t really carry with me the same kind of sentimental attachment most people have with this time of year. Continue reading


A weeklong friendship

I had the best of intentions when I bought a plane ticket to Reykjavík. Ten days to visit a good friend, see some sights, eat some Hákarl, sit in the Blue Lagoon, and come back fully refreshed with a nasty hangover from the Brennivín.

Sometimes the plans you lay out don’t work out for reasons beyond your control. Continue reading

Travelling is extended foreplay

My apologies to my mother and my grandmother, who both apparently are regular readers of this humble blog. You might wish to skip over this entry. This entry is for everyone else out there, but the two of you can just go over to some other corner of the Internet right now, OK?

The rush I get from travelling can only be described as teenage romance. Continue reading